Petros Ghevondyan

Petros Ghevondyan, Peto

[ 30.1.1964, village Proshyan, Kotayq, RA - 14.2.1994, Shahumayan district (Qelbajar), Artsakh]

Petros Ghevondyan was a figure of liberation movement. Marshal of Protection Army (1996, posthumously). Hero of Artsakh (2000). Deputy of the commander of Proshyan's volunteer squad, deputy of Shushy's special battalion since 1990. During 1990-1994 took part in the self-defences and liberation battles of the regions of Shushi, Noyemberyan (Voskepar) in Armenia, Shahumyan, Askeran, Martakert, Martuni, Hadrut and Aghdam, Fizluli, Kubatlu, Zangezur, Jabrail, Qelbajar and village Getashen in Karabakh.

Posthumously was awarded with Nagorno Karabakh medals ՞Military Cross" of the first degree and "Golden Eagle". He is buried in Proshyan.