General information

♦ Official name: The Republic of Artsakh

♦​ Capital: Stepanakert

♦​ State Language: Armenian

♦​ Religion: Christianity, around 93.6 percent of the population are followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

♦​ Main Law: the RA Constitution

♦​ Currency: Armenian Dram (AMD), put on circulation in 1993

♦​ Population: 146.6 thousand people/ as of January 1, 2013 /

♦​ Time Zone: GMT+ 4.00

♦​ Ethnic Composition: Armenians (99,7%), Russians, Ukrainians, Greeks, Georgians, Azerbaijanis and others.

♦​ Geographical Location: south-eastern part of the Armenian highland

♦​ Largest  lakes: Great Al, Lesser Al, Sevlich

♦​ Territory: The territory of the Artsakh Republic is 11432 km2 . 

♦​ Border countries: The Republic of Armenia (from the West), Azerbaijan (from the North and East), Iran (from the South).

♦​ Climate: mostly mild and temperate, in some parts subtropical.

♦​ Average atmospheric temperature: +10.9° C

♦​ The highest atmospheric temperature: +37°C

♦​ The lowest atmospheric temperature: -20°C

♦​ Average volume of annual atmospheric precipitations: 587 mm

♦​ The average height above the sea level: 1100 m

♦​ The highest mountain peaks: Gomshasar - 3724m, Gzhasar-3616m, Tskhut- 3518m, Mrav-3343m, Mets Kirs-2725m

♦​ The largest rivers: Araks, Vorotan, Hakari, Tartar, Khachen.

♦​ Natural resources: marble, granite, andesite, tuff, basalt, limestone, diabase, concrete clays, pumice, clay, different kind of metals, especially zinc, copper stone, lead, lithographic stone, coal, pyrites, iron, and other metals, water resources.

♦​ Phone codes:

Capital Stepanakert: + 374 47 /the number starts with 9/

The town of Martouni: + 374 47 /the number starts with 8/

The town of Shoushi: + 374 47 /the number starts with 7/

The town of Berdzor: + 374 47 /the number starts with 7/

The town of Askeran: + 374 47 /the number starts with 6/

The town of Hadrout: + 374 47 /the number starts with 5/

The town of Martakert: + 374 47 /the number starts with 4/  

Mobile phone code: + 374 97 /the number/

From the administrative standpoint, AR covers seven regions: Shahoumyan, Martakert, Askeran, Kashatagh, Shushi, Martouni, Hadrout and Stepanakert, the capital of the Republic.

There are 10 towns and 322 villages in the Republic of Artsakh. Stepanakert is the capital of the Republic of Artsakh. The permanent population of the city is 54,752 according to the 2015 census data. The total number of